Axia is changing the home buying experience, transforming the way you buy real estate. Buying a home can be complicated. Waiting for a credit approval is a thing of the past. All we need is you. Just you! Want to make a stronger offer on a home that isn’t simply a pre-approval? Get a free pass to the front of the line with Clear Pass!

What is Clear Pass?

With Fannie Mae direct status, Axia now has access to new technology and a refined process to improve the overall loan experience and reduce risk for our borrowers. Now you can confirm your income, employment and assets with only the tap of a finger!

Why does it matter?

Before Clear Pass, borrowers may have waited for up to two days to receive a Credit Approval. Now, a borrower can submit their information electronically and receive a Credit Approval almost instantaneously!  This provides borrowers more purchase power in a competitive market. 

With CLEAR PASS you can get a credit approval NOW.